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B.R.A.T.S. Lessons Learned

I remember Mom telling Dad how the next door neighbor's boy had asked to be driven somewhere. The response had been that the gas tank in the car was empty. The young boy, being very industrious and clever, proceeded to gather sand from the side of the road and pour it into the gas tank.

Being as young as I was, we were still living on Jameswood Drive on the air base in Winnipeg, so was about 4 or 5, I failed to understand just what that action meant but filed it away in the back of my brain that putting sand in the gas tank was not a good thing to do; kind of like pouring paint on teeter totters and pooping in standpipes. Perhaps the kid should have drug the garden hose out...?

Speaking of pouring paint on teeter-totters, it was about this same time that me and another kid poured house paint on the teeter-totters in the park that was in the center of Leicester Square. I no longer remember the motivation, or where we got the paint from, or how we opened the cans, but I do recall pouring the paint on the wooden teeter-totter. I was a brat even when quite young.

Seesaw Teeter Totter
Seesaw Teeter Totter

It went on thick and in a colour in full contrast to that of the seesaw. Although I no longer remember the colour of either for certain, I think it was yellow on green. I recall too, how Dad marched me back to said seesaw, paint scraper in hand, and supervised me, likely with a few smacks to my back side, as I attempted to clean up my mess. It was hard work for my young hands since the paint was well on its way to drying. Whenever I see a paint scraper, this memory floods back. Perhaps this is why I have never been all that fond of paint projects. Wallpaper is much easier to work with. Lesson learned.

Any lessons learned that you recall from your childhood?

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