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Terry has been writing for most of his life. He has enjoyed being published numerous times. This page features his published works and his mussing on works in progress.

Publication Credits

I have managed to have a few things published and even won a few contests. Here is what I have managed to do so far.

Cruising Along - Flock Publishing

The Kissing Test - Back Channels Journal

The Summer of Grumps 2nd Edition- Novel 

Down the Tiger's Throat - Anthology

Nightmares - Transcend Anthology

Cobblestones - State of Matter (issue 4)

Dead Neighbors - Hell Night Anthology

Hen Spawn and Nick'n Nick - It's the Holidays (Dec 2020)

Garbage - 1st Degree Short Story Book Project

Lightening Strike - The Scribe Magazine (October 2020)

 - Editors Choice in Patty's Short Stax

Crane Wars - The Scribe Magazine (October 2020)

The Dancer - Triangle Magazine June 2020

 - Editor's Choice in Patty's Short Stax

Fore - Spring Short Story Anthology

Granite - Spring Short Story Anthology

Dark Sounds - The Hollow Anthology Mar 2020

 - Editor's Choice in The Chosen Ones

Candy Man - Jan 2020 Horror Anthology

 - Editor's Choice in The Chosen Ones

Humming AlongKaleidoscope Issue 79 July 2019


A Foot of Pain - Bewildering Stories  Issue 777 September 2018

Car Pokes - Strange Fictions March 2017


The Best Policy - Tincture Journal March 2013 Kindle Edition

Programming Realities - The Old Hedgy Times, March 2013 -- I am featured on the cover!!!

Forever Tracker - The Fringe Magazine April 2011

Body Work - Bewildering Stories Issue 455



Wedding Day - Out Of The Warmland November 2011.

Daddy's Slippers - 69 Flavors of Paranoia for their Volume 1 Edition3 (Menu 13) edition.

Cover image for Cruising Along
Cover image for Kissed on a Boat
Cover image for 2012 Daily Flash

Kissed On A Boat


Features three of Terry's stories

Commuter Chaos

Onto The Internet

Speed Bumps

2012 Daily Flash


A Fish Tale - June 8 story


Aviator Girl – 2008 – Arts Angels Web Site (online publication only)

Listen To Your Body - General Safety Magazine 1998

Dusty Movies Video Review Column 1982 – 1990

-     CFB Trenton Contact

-     CFB Esquimalt Lookout

-     CFS Gander

-     CFB Penhold Harvard Flyer

-     CFB Borden Citizen

-     CFB Kingston Tower Times



Embrace The Arts - Bay of Quinte Literary Society

1st prize Quinte Arts Council Essay Contest 1992

Quiet Respect - Bay of Quinte Literary Society

2nd Prize Quinte Arts Council Poetry Contest 1992

Any Idiot - 1st Prize Servir Armatis Essay Contest 1987

Aviator Girl - 1st Prize 2008 Arts Angels Short Story Contest

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