• Terry Groves

Step This Way

I am sitting on the soft white sand on a beach in Penticton. The water is so calm it looks like a silk cushion. The sky is pale blue, spotted with small cotton clouds. The low mountains surrounding the lake stand in stark relief, the morning air making their details sharp and crisp, a high definition picture. They fade into the mist of the distance.

My idyllic setting is broken by a stinking pile of trash tossed close to, but not in, a garbage can. It makes me wonder about people who think it is ok for them to leave their mess for someone else to pick up. If you are one of these people, you know, who just drop your pop can once it’s empty, toss your empty cigarette package out the car window, shove your fast food leavings under your car before driving away, I invite you to just step off the planet.

#garbage #responsibility

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