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Stupid Insurance

As I ponder the choices that people make, I wonder how we have gotten to the point where so many really stupid decisions are made by smart people.

Now, as I watch things transpire around me, things that frequently have me shaking my head, I know nothing of the intelligence of those I observe. I can only assume they are of average intelligence since they at least survived to adulthood.

This morning while waiting at a red light I watched as a pedestrian began crossing four lanes of traffic, starting the trip when the traffic light was already yellow. By the time the light had fully changed and the advanced green signal was giving a left turning truck the go ahead, the pedestrian was right in front of the truck.

Now I know it is the truck driver's responsibility to ensure the intersection is safe before proceeding but it is also the pedestrian's responsibility to not proceed into the intersection against the light. The stage was set for a disaster involving two people in the wrong. Fortunately for the pedestrian, the driver made a smart choice and waited for the crosswalk to clear before proceeding.

I know what would have happened if he had made another choice, or simply not seen the pedestrian. The driver would have been held accountable, the pedestrian would have been eligible for an insurance pay out, and my insurance rates would take another hit due to a fully avoidable incident.

Here, I believe, lies the problem. Everyone is lulled into a lack of common sense because they think someone else will take care of them if something bad happens. This is so wrong in my opinion.

Why does my insurance go up because some idiot pedestrian chooses to do something stupid? Why do people making poor decisions get rewarded by being shielded from the consequences of their lapses in judgement? Why don't people have to carry Stupid Insurance so they can be responsible (and pay) for their misguided actions?

I think this is a good idea, everyone has to contrubute...very low premiums to start but, as you suffer from more and more stupid decisions, your premiums increase to put the responsibility for your actions on your shoulders. Don't have stupid insurance and you get hurt due to your stupid decision, tough luck. Just like the caveman who thought it was a good idea to pull the tyrannosaurus' tail.

Something like this might be the thing that saves the human race because at the rate I see society declining because so many think everyone else should take care of them, pretty soon everyone will be taken care of but no one will available to do the care.

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