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Pointing Fingers

I remember helping to torment my brothers by conspiring with the others, there were five of them so we were a gang, and then collectively pointing at the chosen ‘one’. It no doubt resulted in that one feeling persecuted but also secure in the knowledge that the next time a ‘pointing’ was carried out, they would probably be one of the pointers. Was this mean? Probably. Was it malicious? Perhaps. Was it life-scarring? Judging by the laughter of everyone, including the target, probably not. We were kids doing kids things.

Now I read about similar behaviour being carried out in Parliament. An NDP whines “the Trade Minister pointed at me.”

Minister responds, “no I didn’t.”

And now it’s news.

These people are supposed to running our country and they are acting like children. Who voted for them and why isn’t the PM making them stand in the corner?

Grow up or take a walk off the planet. Can you see my finger pointing the way?

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