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BC Premier says government is considering updating liquor laws

I read in the news today that BC Premier Clark is considering allowing kids into pubs and permitting people to buy drinks without food in food-primary establishments. The article stated these were changes wanted by the people of BC.

Well, I can tell you that no one asked for my opinion. The last thing this province needs is another way to teach our kids irresponsible behaviour, enough of that with BC bud. And the last thing I want is snotty nosed brats disturbing me at my favorite drinking hole. That’s one of the reasons I go there, no kids. Further, when I am dining out, I don’t want some pissed up, falling down drunk bumping into my table and upsetting my steak. If you don’t want to eat, stay out of the restaraunt. For the business owners, I am pretty sure I am not the only customer to feel this way. If these, laws get changed, expect me a lot less in your establishment; a lot less.

Don’t get me wrong, I like kids, just not everywhere.

For parents who feel their kids need to be in these adult environments, set up a bar at home and stay there. If you have to drink so bad that you have to drag your kids to a pub, perhaps your kids arn’t as important to you as your drinking.

Cripes, grow up and be responsible parents, what’s next? Family friendly brothels.

Christy Clark, you should consider stepping off the planet.

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