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Forms of Protest

As I watch the drama around sports figures making their disappointment regarding the frequent killings of visible minorities in the USA apparent, I get the impression that the true goal is being lost amongst the emotions.

I won't pretend to fully understand the protest but I do understand that, living in a free country, one is able to give voice to their concerns as long as that voice does not deny another citizen of their rights. Refusing to stand for the national anthem, in my opinion, infringes on no rights.

As a veteran, and I am choosing this stance because those opposed to this particular form of protest state it is disrespectful to the sacrifices of veterans who have given their all to establish and protect freedom, I take no offense. I see no reason to take offence. The protest is not against the flag, it is against a pervasive attitude that some citizens do not deserve the same rights as other citizens. This actually draws the veteran's attention to the fact that 'the system' is failing to honour their sacrifice.

I perceive the President's involvement as the action of a bully, trying to muster schoolyard support as some sort of defense against his inaction on the issue or his inability to take action on the situation. 

I do hope sense takes hold and a way is found to resolve the core issue. In the meantime I think all the drama gets in the way of that resolution.

I take a knee.

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