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Should I Exist?

My oldest brother was born arm first. Perhaps he wanted to get a sense of what was waiting for him and stuck that hand out for some form of forewarning. 

He did this in 1955 and the medical solution available at that time to deal with this sort of situation involved cold, metal instruments with hinges and grabby parts.

The result was, as I am told, that the trauma of his extraction stopped my mother's heart (maybe my brother's memory of what was told to me is a bit fuzzy). Fortunately, despite the need to rely on such crude medical instruments, the doctor was able to revive both. However, my parents were advised 

Mom had suffered such damage that she wouldn't be able to have any more kids.

Me and my four other brothers made liars of that doctor.

I take this history as an indication that God, or whatever force (spirit or natural) that watches over our world has a purpose for me.

How am I doing?

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