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B.R.A.T.S. Haunted Places

Now, I wouldn't say the Harvey House was actually haunted, but there was a lot of mystery around it. So much so that it had its own legends and stories.

It was an abandoned house, sitting on DND property but away from the base buildings. It was a yellow, two story and had probably been quite a nice house in its day. In mine, it had no windows, doors and most of the walls inside had been smashed up, giving a cross section of lathe and plaster construction and knob and tube wiring. There was lots of spray-painted graffiti inside and out, in short, the perfect place for kids my age, 11-14, to hang out.

I am certain we were not supposed to be in there but, we were brats and, as far as we were concerned, where we were not supposed to be was exactly were we were supposed to be.

The house was on the way to one of my favorite fishing spots, on the base, edging on the St Lawrence River. I fished there a lot, catching bass, trout, and attempting to catch one large, illusive pike that managed to snag more than one of my lures. I saw him a few times but never landed him. That was a great spot but then the base decided that they needed to build some officer quarters nearby. During construction we were still able to access the area but, once the officers moved in, we couldn't.

It seems to me that during one of my visits back to the base, the Harvey house was gone. I wasn't surprised, it was in pretty rough shape. When I check it out on Google maps, there is no sign of it. It's as if the ground opened up and swallowed it...sounds like the stuff good horror stories are made of. I wonder where the ghosts went?

Any other brats out there remember the Harvey House?

What lore and rumours abounded in the places you grew up?

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