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Behind the Dog

Bear’s and my meanderings as he decides the, best places to water, allow us to encounter an awful lot of people. I get the impression that Bear isn’t quite as docile in his thoughts as his little furry body would lead one to believe.

I have noticed that he will often look back at me, take a quick glance at his back end (as though moving in for a good sniff or quick lick) and then look at some one or some people. I wonder if he is trying to tell me something. I have begun to pay closer attention to this behaviour, maybe it is a step along the path to animal communication. He has mastered ‘sit’ and ‘no’ and ‘stay’, perhaps it is time I did a little of the mastering.

I noticed he did this little move and then looked at a couple who were walking along the road, across the street from where we were. They looked like a nice couple, jaunty hats, sturdy shoes. What did Bear want me to notice? Perhaps it was the fact that when he tries to walk up that side of the street, I always call him back to the sidewalk. Was he commenting on their decision to walk up the dangerous side of the street?

And then a noisy truck went roaring by. Bear skittered behind my legs but he also looked at the truck and then at his butt. Now I’m convinced he was trying to tell me something.

When the dog from across the street ran over and bit his hindquarters, Bear’s reaction, after the other dog’s owner was chastised for having no control over her dog, was to look at his butt and look at both the dog and her, repeatedly, I was convinced: Bear has a message.

I gotta say, I agree with him…except…why is he looking at me and then his butt? Obviously, sometimes his guage is off! Right?

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