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Where's the Service?

In this competitive consumer market, it never ceases to amaze me that I continue to run into service providers who forget their first name. I expect service to come first.

Today I showed up for my regular lab work. My schedule restricts when I can show up so any delay will result in at least an additional two week wait. I have to fast and am a bear without my coffee. After checking in and waiting a few minutes I am told my standing lab order has expired and I have to contact my Dr’s office. Why didn’t they mention this the last time I was in? Now I’m pretty pissed as I’ve wasted my morning and my health is at risk. A little of that service would have gone a long way toward maintaining my loyalty. Instead I am left with feeling that my patronage isn’t important.

To all those service providers who have forgotten the service…I invite you to step off the planet.

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