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As Election Approaches

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

It is 2019 and Canadians will be going to the polls before year's  end. I don't know  yet how I am voting but I know how I am not. 

I confess, I voted Liberal in the last election,  the first time in my life. I had typically followed my family's tradition of Conservatives but had grown disillusioned by their many years of power with our country sinking deeper and deeper into something I didn't like.

My biggest gripe was how our veterans were being treated. More and more they were considered simply as a liability, expensive to maintain, not how they should be remembered, considering the sacrifices they make to protect Canadian borders and address threats abroad. I admit, this topic runs close to my heart as I am a veteran in a long line of veterans in my family. And I suffered injuries in my time of service.

I am lucky that my injuries are not as debilitating as many of my brothers and sisters-in-arms, but they have a negative impact on my quality of life.

So, I wasn't happy with the Conservative dedication to this visible minority so, despite the Liberal's miserable track record of dedication to our troops, I felt any change would shake up attitudes on the hill. I was expecting the Liberals to squeak in a victory but it seems many other Canadians felt as I did and Trudeau was handed a sweeping win.

This appears to have gone to his head because, rather than use his majority government to do some great things for Canada, what has he done?

  • Paid way too much for a pipeline most Canadians don't want

  • Given 10 million dollars to a known terrorist

  • Fought veterans on the rehabilitation and pensions they deserve

  • Allowed Veteran's Affairs to delay repaying money owed to veterans as a result of their mistake, by more than a year (this is money needed to support themselves when they are denied other benefits)

  • Spent money to repatriate citizens who left Canada to fight for terrorist organizations AGAINST CANADIANS

  • Continued to force returning,  injured veterans to have to fight (for years in many cases), for pensions and support service

  • instituted the Carbon tax, with no clear plan on how the proceeds will be used to benefit the environment

  • Disrespecting citizens by ignoring their legitimate questions by only spewing bullshit lines of party sales pitch

My list of reasons goes on but justifies how I am not going to vote.

I have little faith in the Conservatives but, with a new leader and a sound beating at the polls last time, maybe they are ready to put Canadian taxpayers ahead of their cronies and big business.

NDP? I see nothing appealing in their platform.

When I go to the polls, I will be remembering these things.

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