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Price of Progress

I have been riding the Duncan Commuter bus for more than ten years, almost since its inception. This experience has allowed me a daily view of Portage Inlet, a picturesque finger of tidal water that juts deep into Victoria, and all that my imagination can embellish that with.

Thoughts of kayaking the misty, calm inlet have given my imagination ample adventures. If only I could get my kayak on the bus...

This morning, I see they are installing sound barriers along the highway at this location as part of the MacKenzie Overpass Project. I may have had my last glimpse of that piece of paradise from the highway. 

I am going to be happy once the construction is finished because it is going to shorten my commute by a few minutes and relieve a lot of driver frustration in this area, but I am going to miss the view of this beautiful part of Victoria. Ah, the price of progress.

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