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I read a graffiti today that said “friends are born, not made”. Although I cannot attest to the intended meaning of the author, it left me thinking. In my opinion, the statement is not true.

Now, you might argue that friends are born, as are enemies, as we all are, and I would have to agree although I have met some people who’s true manner of creation may be questionable. I am pretty certain this is not the intended meaning of the quote.

In my humble mind, friends are made and it takes a lot of work. In this regard I have to give out a lot of credit.

I boast quite a few friends on my Facebook page. A lot of those people are actually family so they HAVE to like me but I am certain at least a few of them would like me even if we weren’t related.

The rest are there of their own volition and I guess that means we are true friends. Now for the credit part. I know how difficult I can be, how qwerky I am and that I have some peculiar beliefs, habits and ideas. These people like me anyway and I am certain that, at least at times, this takes a lot of work on their part.

I feel fortunate that so many people feel I am worth making into a friend and I am certain they will agree that friends are made, not just born.

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