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Social Media - My Thoughts

Since I live on Canada's west coast and most of my family lives in Ontario, I rely on social media to keep me connected. By social media I mean Facebook. I have tried Twitter but never really caught on how it works and LinkedIn is for professional networking so I refuse to use it like another Facebook.

Facebook gives me the opportunity to see what intersts those in my friend list and to share snippets of my own opinions and insights.

Occasionally I will browse other's timelines, especially for those I don't know well and always for those friend invites that come out of the blue. It is like snooping but since it is all public, I view it as wanted snooping. It is surprising sometimes to see what people are passionate about. 

If you have ever visited my website (easier now that I manage this blog on the same site as my website) you will know that I am all about connecting with people. I have reconnected with people I was in primary school with. I love learning how things worked out for past acquaintances .

However, there are those whose friend requests I have declined or am taking a long time to decide if I am going to accept. Beyond being as careful as I can to keep bogus profiles from getting into my friends there are those with whom I wonder why they want to connect with me or why I would want to connect with them. I am generally a pretty easy going guy but I have a nasty streak when it come to those who have seriously crossed me or lost my trust.

I am confident there are some out there who feel the same way about me, I am not always an angel and I have made a few bad choices along the way...a few he says with sarcasm.

Typically, if I look at someone's timeline and see a proliferation of the f... word, I likely won't friend them. This is not a judgement on my part, I have a tendancy to colour my own conversations with the odd f-bomb, and the word doesn’t shock or offend me, after all, I spent 26 years in the military and in that environment, if that word gets under your skin your head will explode. My parents don't appreciate vulgarities and I want them to be able to stay in touch with me and read whatever is on my timeline without being offended. Also, some people just have no other descriptor in their vocabulary and the writer in me balks at having everything described with the same adjective.

I am happy to like or share various posts that I find amusing or informative or just interesting but, knowing these will end up on some of my friends timelines, if there is an f-bomb I will likely pass over that. Occasionally the f-bomb is essential to the message and I will think twice before passing but it has to be essential...ESSENTIAL.

Too many vulgarities and I will stop following people and if that doesn't help clean up my timeline, I may choose to unfriend. This is tough for me, with my passion for being connected.

And then there are those people whose name I recognize but then I wonder why do I want to connect with them? These people haven't always done me wrong but they have also never really connected with me in a meaningful way. Sometimes I reach out via PM and see if anything connects but more often than not I never hear back so I let them remain unconnected.

Anyway, if we are not already friends and you would like to be, I welcome the opportunity to explore with you. If you want to remain connected because you like my blog posts, please follow me here, it doesn't connect us with Facebook. If you are uncertain, PM me or email me or leave a comment and we can take it from there.

Cheers, Terry

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